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Tupook a cinematic documentary series that explores and tells one man's journey and wake up call. Following 3 years of filming Tupook, an ex gang member from Omaha, Nebraska shot on 3 occasions. One time being shot in front of his mom. The second time shot by a frenemy in the face leaving him blind for life. This is a story of a mother’s fight for her son in the streets and courtroom. A mother afraid of losing her son.  A dad in prison from 19 to 34. This is a story of family goals, forgiveness, friends to enemies, God leading the blind to see. “God took my eyes to open my eyes” - Tupook

The Art of filming Tupook The Documentary was a journey of dedication and vision. After 3 years of filming and over 20 hours of footage made into a two hour documentary, we are at the final stage to begin distribution and we need your help (donations/funding) to complete it! 

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