Venus (Vado) Teguia Kouam started Vadofilms, LLC in 2011 with his first music video titled “I want it all”. He first picked up his camera dating back to end of high school in 2000 doing comedy sketches with friends. “I always knew this is what I wanted to do”. After shooting his first video in 2011 he began spreading the video around town (Omaha, NE) and making a name for himself. In 2012 things really began to pick up and he expanded to out of town markets for business and networking. In 2013 Vado got his big break working with Rapper Scarface with the video production getting over 32,000 views online. In 2014 Vadofilms won his first Award at the Omaha Hip Hop Awards for "Best Director" and since has won 2 more for the same category. Vado also directed his first show and production titled "The Omowale Show" (November 1, 2014) at the Orphuem Theater in downtown Omaha NE. He also worked as Director of Television Program The Omowale Show which aired on Cox Channel 22 and Century Link Channel 3. During the summer of '14 Vado began working summer programs and workshops as well as taking part in the program Reconstructing Curriculum as Program Assistant which is sponsored by The Minnesota Humanities Center (MNHUM.ORG). Summer programs included a full day Seminar and Industry Workshop held at Hilton Hotel Cass Street Omaha NE alongside Gil Robertson (President of the AAFCA African American Film Critics Association and Omowale Akintunde (Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker). In 2015 Vadofilms started working Internationally with projects and contracted services with Cameroon business OG Club. In 2016 VadoFilms began working and building with Published Model and business guru Katie Raine brand. In 2017 VadoFilms began making strong connections with Atlanta artist doing video and photography work for big industry music producers, artists, and models such as Waka Floka, Rick Ross’s MGG Rapper Stalley, 808 Mafia Boss (Producer for Future), Fuse Mafia (Producer for Future and Migos), Supah Mario (Producer for Drake), Metro Boomin (Producer for Big Sean and Future). During this year VadoFilms was nominated Best Music Video for Native American Music Awards in New York City. In 2018 VadoFilms won "Best Hip Hop Video at the L.A. Video Music Awards gaining 23 millions TV views. Vadofilms, LLC aspires to continue building connecting and starting a record label for artists “I know I can have a full media company and offer the full package...TV Shows, Radio, Movies, Reality Shows, Artist Showcases and more.”

Destanie Barz has spent most of her career in front of the camera. In 2020, that changed as she entered into her training at Illinois Media School for her certification in Film/Audio/Radio in an 8 month program after completing her Bachelors in Music Business and Media Communications Certification at Full Sail University. Through the pandemic that swept not only the nation, but the world, Barz was active in covering and offering her perspective on various topics and events throughout the year. In May of 2020, Destanie Barz was hired to fulfill her internship at VadoFilms where she took the lead on various responsibilities such as administrative duties, crew staff and second production team. Destanie was hired into the company in July of 2020 and has been promoted to Chief Administrative Officer of VadoFilms. 


At present, Destanie Barz has co-directed and assisted on over a dozen projects including documentaries, music videos, style shoots and wedding photography, sometimes taking interviews and behind the scenes footage for her Chicago media outlet, Da Dezzie Report and has helped artists learn how to collect all of their licensing for their music while offering publishing for these artists.  Barz has also maintained the infrastructure for professionalizing the company and is incorporating the process by which the company maintains its recurring business, specializing in customer service prior to her career at Vado Films. Currently, Destanie has projects that are self written, self directed and soon to be produced in collaboration with Vado Films for the upcoming year. 

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