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Venus (Vado) Teguia Kouam aka DJ VADO, Hip Hop Fraternity Co-founder and Vice Chairman and Owner Of Vadofilms, LLC.. was born in Cameroon, and started Vadofilms, LLC in 2011, making his first music video in Omaha, Nebraska titled “I want it all”. After the success of his first music video, he began making a name for himself. In 2013 Vado got his big break working with Rapper Scarface with the video production getting over 32,000 views online. In 2014 Vadofilms won his first Award at the Omaha Hip Hop Awards for "Best Director" and since has won 3 more for the same category and one for Photographer of the year. In 2017 VadoFilms began making strong connections with Atlanta artist doing videos and photography work for big industry music producers, artists, and models such as Waka Floka, Rick Ross’s MGG Rapper Stalley, 808 Mafia Boss (Producer for Future), Fuse Mafia (Producer for Future and Migos), Supah Mario (Producer for Drake), Metro Boomin (Producer for Big Sean and Future). During this year VadoFilms was nominated Best Music Video for Native American Music Awards in New York City. In 2018 VadoFilms won "Best Hip Hop Video at the L.A. Video Music Awards gaining 23 millions views. Currently. In 2020, vado teamed up with Ken Ivy (Pimpin Ken) and founded The Hip Hop Fraternity. Vado is also currently working on Boosie, Ice-T, Pimpin Ken, Freeway Ricky Ross documentaries as he continues his work on the board of the Hip Hop Fraternity, #HHF. In 2023, Vado released his single “237” featuring Mr Nëy an Afrobeat song that reached #4 spot on the online radio charts in the U.S and He’s currently on his “Road To A Million Downloads” Tour where Vado travels across the country to promote his new song and campaigning for a million downloads of the song. 

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