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Vadofilms has been a major force in the music video industry. Started back in 2011, Vadofilms has shot more than 1000+ music videos from all over the country and overseas. Some of the videos include major industry artists such as Scarface, Yella Beezy, Willy Taylor, Sammie, and many more. Over the years Vadofilms has accumulated multiple Awards including 3X winner of “Best Director” at Omaha Hip Hop Awards. Winner of “Best Hip Hop Video” at the L.A music Awards and Nominated for “Best Conceptual Music Video” by the 2017 Native American Music Awards in New York.  



Our video production budgets typically cover concept development, storyboards, pre-production, casting, on-camera talent, choreography, rehearsals, location fees, props, costumes, production equipment, production crew, post-production, editing, motion graphics, visual effects, color correction, video encoding, and digital delivery.