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Case Study Titles In Education

Here is an annotated list of the case studies, organised alphabetically by author. Hannah Armstrong – ‘Josiah Child and the Wanstead Estate’. Josiah Child (no relation to the Child family at Osterley) purchased Wanstead estate in 1673.

  • Since Merriam's definitive Case Study Research in Education first appeared in 1988, significant advances have occurred in the field of qualitative research. To meet the demand for a book that reflects these important changes, Merriam has completely revised and updated her classic work.

  • Case Study Definition. A case study is defined as a research methodology that allows you to conduct an intensive study about a particular person, group of people, community, or some unit in which the researcher could provide an in-depth data in relation to the variables. Case studies can examine a phenomena in the natural setting.

  • Education leadership and policy studies have two main roots, including organisational theory and political science. This may be an interesting area of research for your educational dissertation. Topic 56: Implementing educational change in failing middle schools through examination of one’s fundamental leadership procedures and processes

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